Body without boundaries, movement without restrictions,

bb copy As a former bailarina and flamenco dancer, i always had the need to express with my body, i love movement without restrictions so with poor flexibility and strenght is imposible to achive that .
This was one of the main reasons to create a program that will help me to mantain my flexibility and strenght to express with my body movement with no restriction 
In my nearly 20 years of experience teaching fitness, i always look for new ways , workouts , exercises ... To help to improve. My fitness philosophy is base in been innovate, creative and up to date with latest toning and fitness techniques that help us to achive the body that we want, not only to sculpt a beautiful body but also to have a stronger, more flexible and healthy one.
In that search i create LRG Pilates Blast Programe, where i combine Pilates workouts with diferents toning trainig tecniques to obtain the benefits from Pilates as ( improved flexibility and posture, increased muscle strenght and tone particularly of your core muscles, keeping the muscles lean and long) mixing it with differents training and toning techniques such as circuit  interval training... to add benefits such as ( burning fat to loose weight, increased muscle strenght and muscle definition etc...
I love the freedom of my body when i do a great move without restrictions, but in order to achive that my body has to stay healthy, and without a healthy nutrition diet that will be impossible.
I was lucky to be born in la Mancha ( Spain ) where nearly 40 years ago there was no fast food, so everything was cook fresh at home, that's where my passion for food and cooking began, in my mums kitchen.
After years helping, motivating and encouraging people to eat healthy and forget the restictions and boundaries of diets, i create a healthy nutrition guide of food and recipes that i have been eating and cooking  for years .
 A great training programe and a healthy nutrition habits and guide in my opinion is a winner to achive a healthy, strong and beatuful body.
LRG Pilates Program is the combination of that and if it work for me and many of my clients it will for you , will help you to be the very best YOU you want to be.