To get a Six- Pack look for that hidden Ab muscle (TVA)

How many times i heard .....what can i do to get a six pack ?, how often should i train my core? how did you get your six pack after having a baby?
Ok... there is no secret or magic potion to get one....  
After years of trainning clients, i was shock that  arround 80% of those clients didn't use or even know that hidden muscle that helps to get a firm and strong abdominal wall so i call this muscle the "MAGIC ONE" ,  i'm talking of the TRANSVERSE ABDOMINUS , is the deepest innermost layer of all abdominal muscles this muscle act as a stabilizer to the middle part of your body, for me, " the magic  one " is  one of the most important ones to help you to get a flatter , stronger abdominal wall, so start training smart and use your TVA to achive a better core 
( another week i will help you with exercises  that  train that muscle)

Leonor Rivallo