The importance of choosing the right exercise for you

We all know, health, fitness and weight management advantages of exercises depend of being physically active regularly and for the long term, but the big problem is how to keep motivated and don't give up exercising,  in my opinion the problem of people giving up exercising is because they don't choose the right type of workout or exercises that suit them to keep motivated
To motivate my clients i always recomend 
First, to choose exercise that suit your posibilities and habilities, that accommodatea any health problems you may have, where you can progress and build up ( think of what you're good at )
Second, to enjoy and have pleasure of the exercise that you choose, there is no point to choose a workout because is in fashion or give good results to another people, it has be the ones that you like
Third, has to fit your lifestyle, if you have a gym, pool or classes near you is much better than choose something that is going to be hard to find o to get there 
Fourth, choose exercise options that became part of your routine and set aside an exercise time each day
Fift, exercise with a friend, is  really good for motivation, and if you need help and more structure in your workout ask a trainer, to improve your workout when you need it
Leonor Rivallo