Stop that Monster ( sugar cravings) calling to your door

Stop sugar cravins

Who doesn't get sugar cravings after exercising, when we are hungries, when womans we battle with those hormonal days during that time of the month... etc...
And it get worst when people are addicted to this "monster " call sugar.... 
Well... the bad news is ..... most of us we get those sugar cravings, but the good news is that we can controlled them 
I believe one's more, our diet plays a big role  to controle them, as fizzy, energetic drinks,  process food, refine sugar products etc.. are full of sugar, this ones create an addiction that is very difficult to control, because when we eat them, our sugars levels get crazy, we get really tired, hungry,  our body ask for that fix of sugar, and create a dependency,  to attack that monster, this simple habits will help to stop sugar cravins
1) Eat small healthy and often meals to ensure that your sugar levels will remain stable
2) Eating protein with main meals will help to keep sugar levels more balanced
3) Choose wholesome complex carbohydrates rich in fibre as this foods will slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream
4) Drink 2L of water daily, to keep hydrated 
5) Satisfy your sweet tooth naturally, ( I always have in the house  dry figs, I make cacao balls... to eat when I really want somenthing sweet )
6) Avoid fizzy & energy drinks, process food, canned and bakery sugar food, pastries, cookies,  alcohol, all food that is high in sugar 
And as i say to my son let's fight that monster and keep him away from our home!!!