Power of healthy food, to make changes today will be your future tomorrow

I belive in food not only to sastify hunger but more as the " doctor " that look after, heel my body and makes me feel good
I love the power of healthy food that helps me to change my mood, studies found that consuming a higher amount of fruit and vegetables produce boosted mental wellbeing.
I love the freedom of full movement with no restrictions, without having a healthy weight this will not be possible, that's another of my big reasons to encorage healthy eating.
And the mayor one for me is to help to prevent some sort of diseases such as cancer, diabetis ..... and more health problems.
Exploring and changing bad eating habits to good ones has change lives for the better, that's why i encorage my clients, friends and family to avoid fast and refine food, refine sugar, fizzy drinks, cut down alcohol in exchange of the power of healthy, natural and organic food
To make changes today will be your future tomorrow

Leonor Rivallo