Mango and Chia Smoothie


Mango & Chia Smoothie

i love fruit in season as is more fresh produce, taste better, is cheaper, avoid overseas contaminates, and is more enviromental friendly
Now is the season of mango in Australia so i love it, as mango is one of my favorite fruits, not only because taste so yummy but also for the high content of vitamines like ( vitamine A, C , B6 ...) also contains magnesium, potassium .....Plus so many  health benefits as might  help to prevent cancer, lower colesterol, might help to improve eye health, alkalizes the body, might improve digestion etc...
I eat mangos daily when are in season, as i use them in salads, dips, and smoothies ,here i will sare one of the smoothies that i do for my family, is simple easy and yummy!!!

- 1 peeled, pitted and sliced fress mango
- 1 peeled and sliced banana
- 3 spoons of greek yogurt
- 2 spoonds of chia seeds
- almond milk
Blend on a high speed until smooth

And enjoy !!!!

Leonor Rivallo