To live one day as a Lion than 100 as a sheep


I came across this quote, i coldn't get it out of my head, it made me look arround and see why we like to follow fitness trends , why we try what we see, why we want to imitate  the person beside us ...
I ask myself, is because is the easy and safe way to achive a goal?  is  our brain so full of marketing and publicity? are we lazy?
i'm happy to say that i was the black sheep, i'm happy to say that i lke doing it my own way, and most of all i'm proud of not living my live like a sheep, i belive in what i do and how i do it, because i'm not afraid of mistakes.
In fitness i like to follow what is best for me, what i think it will work on my clients, maybe i'm foolish and go the hard way, but easy bores me, classic with a modern twist ? yep i like that.
i love lions roaring, the sound is very familiar to me, their passion, fury, strenght and soul is so powerful that makes me get up every morning and enjoy the jungle that we live in. Yes i think is better to live one day as a Lion than a hundred as a sheep....