Kick to Father Time, Fit and fab in your 30s 40s

Clip #263

And arrived that day when your birthday is coming , when there's no more 20s and the big 30 has arrived and the cruelty of father time start approaching ....but is even worse when the big 40 is coming up and we get even more scared , i'm talking about myself, as i reach the huge 40 this year and i was so scared that i rang away to another country to celebrate it , pretending that didn't happen.... but then i look in the mirrow and thought ok let's take care of the problem... i'm scare of what? ...and start dealing with it .
And i remenber years ago i had this worries.......
i was lucky that i've been quite fit and healthy most of my life but as we know father time take from us body mass, so i  will start doing more weight training to try not  to loose muscle! i said to myself, and so i did 
Another of my worries was, if i have a baby my body will be destroyed , but it wasn't because i keep fit and healthy during and after my pregnancy and everything went back the way it was .
My joints and ligaments were worst than years ago but instead of killing myself and put more pressure i learn to adapt more gentle but effective exercises that suit me better,
And of course i adapt my diet to my new needs incorporaiting more omega 3 , good fats etc... in my diet 
so my good news that day when i looked in the mirrow it was that i can have a strong healthy beautiful body but i have to keep taking care of it ..... 
Every woman we have the power to achive that happines to give kick to  father time and let him wait longer......