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Discover how to reinvent your shape and be the very best version of YOU. In just 8 weeks or less you can see amazing results:
- Daily workouts with the most effective Pilates and training programs adapted to get the best result for you
- Healthy nutrition guide to follow every day

What is LRG Pilates Blast program?

It's a revolutionary new fitness and nutrition program designed for people who want to achieve the very best results.
The program starts with 8 weeks of daily workouts including the most efective Pilates and training programs combined with a healthy nutrition guide of meal plans, food options and recipes.
With the ongoing daily support, motivation and advice from mentor and trainer Leonor, you will succeed in being the very best version of YOU.

How it works?

Upon signing up to our plan you will enter into our private and educational group where you will be guided daily on everything that you need to complete the program, from training workouts to meal options.
Members are able to share experiences and ask questions with ongoing support and advice from Leonor, helping you to become the very best version of YOU.

How does the training program work?

This 8 weeks training program is designed by Leonor Rivallo. You will be working out 6 times a week, 40 minutes each day.

The training program will be a combination of pilates, interval training, cardio and toning exercises. These workouts will vary each day. For example pilates workouts might be two days a week, cardio two days and the rest interval training. This will vary every second week.

In my opinion after years of experience working with clients, this combination will help you to shape up thanks to the benefits of pilates combined with the benefits of cardio, interval training and toning workouts. This program will help you to succeed and be the very best version of YOU.

How does the healthy eating guide work?

LRG Pilates Blast Program includes a healthy eating guide as one of my passions is healthy food and cooking. This passion began as a child, and I was fortunate to grow up with a very healthy mediterranean diet. Having dedicated my life to fitness, I have been inspired to learn more about and experiment with food. This program will show you the food that I cook at home daily, and a weekly eating guide will be included. The eating guide will include recipes and tips for creating healthy eating habits.

Why Sign Up?

Doing the proper combination of targeted workouts will help you to achieve the best results by the end of the 60-day program. 

Mixing the benefits of Pilates with interval training, toning and cardio workouts will help you:

  • get firmer, leaner and fitter
  • boost your strength and flexibility
  • develop a stronger core
  • challenge yourself
  • share your journey with daily support

When you have finished this program, you can immediately start the next LRG program.

How to Pay

Payment is just $25 for 60 days – 

Payment for the 60-day program is upfront, and we accept credit card via Paypal. 

Full payment cancellation is available until 5 days prior program starts (exclude Paypal fees) 

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