Any questions?

So ...If don't have the trendy big butt .. Is my body beautiful?

IMG_2010 Yes, Most of us  Have fat days ... We all sometimes look in the mirror and don't like what we see, clothes that don't fit the same than the model in the bikini ad and I don't know about you but when this happens to me I use to get in a tantrum like a spoil little girl ...... Well .... This has change a lot since I realise I use to see what my mind want me to see... If I heard it was in fashion big butts and I look at my one and wasn't big enough I thought my body wasn't nice , if I saw in the magazines small chest were beautiful and my one was bigger than the average size at then I felt fat, if I didn't have the super skinny long legs like the top models in the catwalk .... Ohhh dearrrr .... I could go on and on... But one day in art history in my  secondary school after seen lots of different concepts of beauty in different periods of time  my teacher ask what it was the definition of beauty for us .... And I just saw it clear, for me  there is not an exact description of  beauty , beauty can be a trend, can be a fashion thing, it can be call so may different things and there's beauty in nearly everything that is around us, at then I forgot about the really long legs, I forgot about the small chest etc etc... I switch off the beauty body trends and I focus in what it was beautiful to me, and how beautiful my body was because I wanted to see that , I didn't leave the TV, magazines etc.. to dictate me what it was a beautiful body, so yes ... Your body is as beautiful as you want to see it, our  body is capable of so many things, our body goes trow  so much, training our mind to have a good healthy approach to beauty is one the first step to a healthy body, realistic goals will put us in the right direction to a new healthy us, knowing that sort, long, bigger or smaller legs they are beautiful in equal way, that bigger or smaller butts are beautiful, if I think of the beauty of my body from the perspective of movement, of how my body allow me to carry my child.. at then WOW !! I love it and from there I will look after it, because I need it to function for many more years so my second  step will be how to keep it healthy and strong and forget about all those beauty trends that at the end of the day are only trends ...and like fashion every year will change ....